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Luminaries of Light & Space

  • Curated by Laura Whitcomb
  • Presented by LAWA and Dublab at LAX October 20, 2022-October 20,2025

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Generating Future Forms:

Bay Convergences of Art and Music 1958-1972

City Lights celebrates the publication of DILEXI: A Gallery & Beyond – By Laura Whitcomb – Forwards by Peter Frank and Jim Newman – Produced by Label Curatorial


Past Exhibition:

Center for the Arts

Eagle Rock

Tertium Organum

2225 Eagle Rock Boulevard, LA, 90041

Exhibition Film

Center for the Arts Catalogue

Beck & Col Performance

Artists Pamela Boden, Lynn Chadwick, Harry Kramer, Mark di Suvero, Wifredo Lam, Roberto Matta, Gordon Onslow Ford, Wolfgang Paalen, Martin Puryear, Minor White

Fariba Bogzaran, Mary Brogger, Claire Chambless, Ron Reihel, Lindsey Nobel, Marco Minaya, Suzanne Treister, Vincent Pocsik,

Laura Whitcomb Curator

The Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, The Pasadena Art Alliance and Label Curatorial present the first installment of an exhibition documenting how mathematics has been a foundational tool to convey the unknown through the course of art history. This exhibition explores the fin du siecle phenomenon where higher geometry and advanced mathematics emerged from communities engaging the esoteric schools and their revival of lost wisdom.

This exhibition is based on the Ukrainian-born P.D. Ouspensky’s landmark publication Tertium Organum (1912) which transformed the conception of the nature of reality by engaging the Fourth Dimension in the years before Einstein’s explorations were widely distributed. Ouspensky posited a new metaphysical approach through the advances of science and higher mathematics and this exhibition explores artists engaging anthromophisism, hybridity, portals to enter the unseen and the mapping of space and unseen dimensions. Ouspensky’s publications were foundational to renowned artists of Suprematiism, Cubism, Futurism and Surrealism. The exhibition includes the artists of the California Dynaton Movement Gordon Onslow Ford and Wolfgang Paalen as well their close friend Roberto Matta whose work was transformed by Ouspensky’s ideas of art opening portals into unseen dimensions. This exhibition explores artists engaging his theories and philosophies outlined in Tertium Organum as well as his mentor Guirdjieff consciously and implicitly. This exhibition prepares its audience for Part 2 of the platform Investigating The Convergence of Mysticism and Mathematics as it explores the radical shifts when art convergences with scientific advance.

About Label Curatorial

Label Curatorial develops exhibitions, catalogs, auxiliary programming, site-specific work, performances and public discussions for art institutions, galleries, museums, cultural and educational centers worldwide. The curatorial exhibitions are painstakingly researched bringing in field experts internationally through a network of scholar alliances while consulting the curatorial’s own research archive that has been amassed over a period of 30 years. Label Curatorial offers a full service operation maintaining and establishing historical archives and databases and scholarship on little known artists and movements that have altered and enriched the historical record of American and European art.

Label Curatorial's events focus on the convergence of the philosophical and theoretical connective tissue between varying artistic media. Label Curatorial's shows are most notable for creating powerful auxiliary performances of music, dance and performance finding alliances which engage the themes of the exhibition. Label Curatorial has a particular focus on the art of California and selects landmark historical buildings to stage its shows. The curatorial commits to a major exhibition once a year pro bono to assist nonprofits, offering them historically enriching programming.

Assistant Curator Narin Dickerson

Special Thanks:

The Landing, S.C. Art Transport and Lucid Art Foundation