Label Curatorial

Dilexi: A Gallery & Beyond Official Book Launch

San Francisco

Rena Bransten Gallery

Saturday Book Signing and Cocktails

11 AM - 2PM November 20, 2021

Rena Bransten Gallery, Minnesota Street Projects

1275 Minnesota St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Other Minds David Brower Center

Sunday Panel Discussion and Performance

2PM - 5PM Sunday November 21

Panel Discussion Moderated by Charles Desmarais with Dilexi Founder Jim Newman and Gyan Riley Performance

Talks by author Laura Whitcomb and Berkeley Museum and Paciifc Film Archive curator Steve Seid

Goldman Theater, David Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way 94704 Berkeley, CA, US.

Free to the Public, Wine Served

Mask and Vaccinations required

New York December 11, 2021 3PM

Film Screening Dilexi Film Foundation
Making Visible (1969)

Author Discussion with Artist Edwin Schlossberg

Ethan Cohen Gallery

251 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011

Past Show Show: Paulina Peavy Etherian Channeler June 5-August 14, 2021

SOUND DISCARNATE performances after Paulina Peavy featuring: Micaela Tobin, Braden Diotte, Zane Reynolds (SFVacid), & David Tibet & Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson’s presentation of Harry Oldfield. DJ set by Greg Bishop 5 p.m. Gallery viewing, outdoor reception, & DJ set 8 p.m. Performances co-presented by Label Curatorial. Free & in-person at Beyond Baroque. Masks required.

July 31st presents an evening of performances throughout the building and climaxing in the theatre. Performances with renowned artists that have explored hermetic traditions engage the exhibition’s expansive investigations which unveil both Peavy’s oeuvre and capacity to provide a mediumistic agency for each viewer. Performances will explore the modalities of language and communication that pervade the convergence of esotericism and astro culture.

August 11 Perseid Meteor Shower Co-Hosted Beyond Baroque/ Dublab

Beyond Baroque, Label Curatorial, and dublab present the concluding event of the exhibition Paulina Peavy: Etherian Channeler. Featuring a night of sound performances in dialog with Peavy’s astrocultural films, this event will take place at the peak of the Perseid Meteor Showers at a private venue just outside the west entrance of Joshua Tree National Park. Featuring the collective Omar Zubair (Wooster group), Maneesh Raj Madahar (The Chalet / Gagosian, Piero Golia), DivineBrick, Michael Glover and Mike Meanstreatz, SFVAcid, Mitchell Brown's Tinseltown and DJ Professor Cantaloupe.

About Label Curatorial

Label Curatorial develops exhibitions, catalogs, auxiliary programming, site-specific work, performances and public discussions for art institutions, galleries, museums, cultural and educational centers worldwide. The curatorial exhibitions are painstakingly researched bringing in field experts internationally through a network of scholar alliances while consulting the curatorial’s own research archive that has been amassed over a period of 30 years. Label Curatorial offers a full service operation maintaining and establishing historical archives and databases and scholarship on little known artists and movements that have altered and enriched the historical record of American and European art.

Label Curatorial's events focus on the convergence of the philosophical and theoretical connective tissue between varying artistic media. Label Curatorial's shows are most notable for creating powerful auxiliary performances of music, dance and performance finding alliances which engage the themes of the exhibition. Label Curatorial has a particular focus on the art of California and selects landmark historical buildings to stage its shows. The curatorial commits to a major exhibition once a year pro bono to assist nonprofits, offering them historically enriching programming.

The curatorial is also notable for its archive work and advisory for nonprofits and artists' estates. The curatorial has organized the archives of the Surrealist painter Gordon Onslow Ford, the explorer ethnographer Douchon Gersi, the electronic music pioneer/artist/photographer Warner Jepson, the Swiss born photographer and Salvador Dalí collaborator Jean Clemmer and the Black Mountain alumnus, painter and founder of the Beat era North Beach epicenter The Place, Leo Krikorian. The curatorial has also assembled the first archives of historic galleries which have resulted in exhibitions such as the 2019 Dilexi Retrospective and the 2018 Artists and Visionaries of the S.S. Vallejo at the Sonoma Valley Museum. In these instances Label Curatorial preserved archives in perilous conditions while finding critical letters, ephemera, lost films, photographs that have been exhibited in museum and gallery exhibitions worldwide. Label brought to the public sphere film stills of the only film directed by Dalí which was destroyed in a fire which became the basis of an exhibition at the Galleria Sozzani in Milan in 2018. Recent projects include assembling an archive and timeline of the little known mediumist artist Paulina Peavy which has brought a new understanding to Southern California linking Synchromism, The Group of Eight, the Surrealists and Hans Hofmann to an unknown vibrant art scene in the South Bay. This exhibition, Paulina Peavy: An Etherian Channeler, is extended to August 14, 2021 at Beyond Baroque's Mike Kelley Gallery 681 Venice Boulevard, Venice, Los Angeles, Ca. 90291. The catalog will be published through the Andrew Edlin Gallery and the Estate of Paulina Peavy.